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Ribbed white cardigan
Pride t-shirt
Black vest
black oversized sunglasses
Grey cami
Jeepers Peepers sunglasses
Eye tee
White heels
Black cigarette trousers
Selectively social tee
Floral embroided tee
Rainbow t-shirt
Vest top
Creme coat
Grey trainers
Chunky brogue
Simple rose gold ring
Khaki trousers
Embroided jeans
Polka dot blazer
Check trousers
Bananas jumper
V-neck jumper
Jersey peg trousers
Lace body suit
Circle necklace

August & September favourites and fails

It is that time of the month again! Last month I didn’t try out enough new things to be able to write a favourites entirely for August, so I thought I would mash it up, two months into one post.

August and September favourites and fails

ABH clear brow gel – If you don’t like the feeling of very stiff brows than definitely stay away from this, but if you don’t mind that and you’re looking for something that will really keep your brows in place all day (and night) this is the product you’ve been looking for!

Zoeva 134 Luxe Powder Fusion Brush – KathleenLights mentioned a few times in her videos that this brush is her absolute favourite highlight brush, and since I was still looking for one and this one is not as expensive as the brushes all the other YouTubers recommend, I thought I would give it a try. And she is completely right, it is an amazing highlight brush. It spreads it out really nice but doesn’t take it too far up or down, it’s perfect.

Soph x Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette – When I heard my absolute favourite YouTuber was coming out with palettes, I basically screamed! She came out with an eyeshadow palette and a highlighter palette in collaboration with Makeup Revolution and let me tell you, the highlighter palette did not disappoint. And then to think I have a higlhighter palette made by the person who made me fall in love with highlighters.

Pixelogic – I am OBSESSED with this game. I have never been this addicted to an iPhone game. The game basically consists of a big square with little squares in it, and it’s your job to find the pattern. There’s numbers at the side of the columns and top of the rows to tell you how many consecutive tiles you need to colour in, but it doesn’t tell you where they have to go. Anyways, I think it’s amazing and I am literally playing it every spare minute I have, so I highly recommend you download it and give it a try!

Petit Pâté – This stuff is AMAZING. As some of you may know, I am vegan, have been for almost two years now. Before I went vegan one of my favourite things to put on my bread was leverworst (literally translated: liver sausages), which had a pathe like texture (it might have just been pathe in english who knows). Anyway, how discussting is that, liver sausages. So a vegetarian “butcher” has made vegan pathe which tastes just like the herby version of the leverworst I was talking about and I freaking live for it! It is quite expensive and you don’t get a lot, but for occasionally, this stuff is incredible!

Ru Paul’s Drag Race – I had seen Miss Fame be a guest on a few people’s Youtube’s channels and heard some things about the show. Then I saw they had uploaded season 7, 8 and 9 to Netflix and I was intrigued so I started watching it and I absolutely love it. I love the confidence and sas these girls have and I just find it super entertaining to watch.

Sense 8 – Another show I have been absolutely loving, is sense 8. I watch this with my boyfriend and we both love it so much. I have been brought up quite spiritual and with the idea that we are all connected and it doesn’t end when we die, so for me the whole show is ‘believable’ in a sense (pun intended). But my boyfriend hasn’t, so it’s quite interesting to see how he reacts to the things happening in there as well.

August and September favourites and fails

And the fail

Nyx Vivid Brights Palette – You might recall me including this in my Recent Purchases post, which was one of my first ever. I was so excited to have a coloured eyeshadow palette, since it was the first one in my collection (since then I have bought the Jeffree Star Androgyny palette, review of that coming soon). As much as I wanted to like it, I can’t. The eyeshadows aren’t pigmented and they are incredibly patchy on the eyes. I know bright colours are really hard to make but this is not what I was looking for at all unfortunately.

I hope you liked this post! What were your favourites of this month?

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