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Review: Soph x Makeup Revolution palettes

As some of you may know, as I mentioned in my favourite beauty gurus on YouTube post, Sophie from sophdoesnails is one of my favourite favourite YouTubers. She is so honest and kind and crazy, which I love. And she recently came out with her own two palettes in collaboration with Makeup Revolution! She came out with an eyeshadow palette and a highlighter palette (ofcourse). Now I am not known for particularly liking Makeup Revolution’s eyeshadow palettes per se, but since it was hers I just had to get them. Highlighters I do like from Makeup Revolution and it being hers, I obviously had to. So after trying the palettes out for a couple of weeks I thought I would review it for you guys.

Review: Soph x Makeup Revolution eyeshadow and highlighter palettes

Eyeshadow palette 

There are 24 shades in this palette, with each weighing 1.1 gram or 0.038 oz, which I think is pretty good considering you get a lot of different shadows so it’s perfect to take traveling. Plus it has a huge mirror, which I never really use but I do know other people are very happy with that, so that’s another plus. The palette costs 12.50 euros or I believe 10 pounds (but correct me if I’m wrong)

Now for the actual shades. I’m not going to talk about all of them, like I did with my Jeffree Star Androgyny palette¬†review because there are just too many. So I will talk about some that stand out to me and give an overall view. I have been using this palette from a week after it came out (I ordered it the day it came out but because it has to go overseas it takes a week to get to me). And I have used almost all shades. Something to consider firstly is a comment that Sophie herself said in her announcement video. She said that obviously this is a drugstore palette, the quality is not going to be the same as some high-end palettes, but the price is also certainly not the same. So there is some more building up needed. I totally agree with her, these eyeshadows are definitely not as pigmented as some of my high-end palettes, like the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette or the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. This being said, the mattes in this palette are just beautiful. If you build them up you can get really pretty colours, and they are really easy to blend. Mug cake is one of my favourite shades to use, it’s a very pretty dark brown. I have not used all the shimmers, but the ones I have used need a lot of building, more than the mattes and I do recommend using a fixing spray to make it more intense. I want to quickly talk about two of the shimmer shades. One I love, and one not so much. The shade I absolutely love, is called petrol. It’s a very pretty kind of duochrome blue, as I said before, it is not super pigmented, but with some fixing spray you can get a long way. The other shade, which I absolutely don’t like (but which is for now the only shade that I don’t like in this palette, so that’s a good sign), is called pine tree. This is a duochorme green with gold reflects. It looks super pretty in the pan, but it gives out no pigment on the eyes, not even with fixing spray. So that is a bit of a disappointment, but nevertheless, there are some other amazing shades in the palette.

Review: Soph x Makeup Revolution eyeshadow and highlighter palettes

Highlighter palette

If you have read my August & September favourites and fails, you will know that this was a favourite of those months. As I have mentioned in previous posts, Sophie is one of the queen of highlights and is the reason why highlighter is my absolute favourite product. And these shades are so blinding! There are 8 shades in the whole palette, which each weigh 2 grams or 0.07oz, so you’re getting quite a lot of product in there, and it only costs 10 euros or 8 pounds, absolute bargain!

She made sure that there is a highlighter for every skin tone, and so one side is supposed to be for more fair skin people and the other for darker people. But I, having fair skin, can also use some of the shades on the darker side.

So all in all, two amazing palettes for a very affordable price. I would definitely recommend both palettes, specially the highlighter palette as you get so many different shades. But also the eyeshadow palette, although you need to work with it a little more, it is still worth getting it.

Have you tried these two palettes? Did you like them?

Review: soph x makeup revolution eyeshadow and highlighter palette
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