Favourite songs to sing a long

Do you like singing? I do. I’m not saying I’m Beyonce or that I’m particularly good at it but I do like singing around the house when I’m doing my chores for example. I’m a quite music type of girl, I mostly like singers instead of bands and I love singing along to some real breathtakers. So here are my favourite songs to sing a long to, and I’m not talking about those big songs that everybody knows which have like a big band around it and are very happy and have a lot of noise (I don’t really know how else to describe it). I’m talking about the more quite songs where the singers’ voices really pop and they are just amazing. (mostly anyway)

Favourite songs to sing along

Lost – Ruth B.

Like a star – Corine Bailey

How far I’ll go – Alessia Cara

The calm after the storm – The Common Linnets

All songs by Aurora

Million dollar man – Lana del Rey

Beneath your beautiful – Passenger 

Crazy – Daniela Andrade

Sweet goodbyes – Krezip

Home album by Ebony Day

City of Stars – Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone

Cherry Wine – Jasmine Thompson 

Sign of the times – Jasmine Thompson

Rockabye (Acoustic version) – The Maryies 

Horsehead Bay – Mighty Oaks

Hero – Family of the year 


What are your favourite songs to sing along to? Tell me in the comments! Thanks for reading!

Favourite songs to sing along