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Ribbed white cardigan
Pride t-shirt
Black vest
black oversized sunglasses
Grey cami
Jeepers Peepers sunglasses
Eye tee
White heels
Black cigarette trousers
Selectively social tee
Floral embroided tee
Rainbow t-shirt
Vest top
Creme coat
Grey trainers
Chunky brogue
Simple rose gold ring
Khaki trousers
Embroided jeans
Polka dot blazer
Check trousers
Bananas jumper
V-neck jumper
Jersey peg trousers
Lace body suit
Circle necklace

Christmas questions collab with Lulu Loves

For this post I am collabing with Lulu from lulu loves! (Read our other collaboration here and here) She is an amazing beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger so make sure to check out her blog! We have each come up with 10 Christmas related questions for the other person to answer. Here are her questions for me and you will be able to find my questions on her page, so be sure to check that out next! Christmas questions collaborationChristmas questions collaboration

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Probably the build up to Christmas! I start listening to Christmas songs in October (ugh yes I know way too early, but I love it), and then I start decorating in November. I love the nights drawing in and the city of Utrecht always looks so pretty with all the lights and decorations. It’s such a special feeling when I’m walking in the city with the lights on when it’s super cold and dark and it’s only 5 o’clock, nothing beats that feeling.

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

Rudolf! Prancer, Vixen… and that’s about where I get stuck, so I guess the answer is no haha

Where do you usually spend Christmas?

It really depends. My parents are divorced and living in Spain and my boyfriend also has divorced parents so two places where we can spent Christmas. So we look and choose each year, it’s either in Spain with one of my parents (and then normally the next parent the next day), or here in Holland with one of my boyfriend’s parents

Are you a fan of Christmas music?

Uhum, YES! As I mentioned before I start listening to Christmas music as early as October (and my boyfriend hates it haha)

What is the best Christmas present you have ever received?

My boyfriend, when we had just started going out, he made me a wooden S with a metal M in it (his name is Merlijn), and it is so beautiful. I still have it of course and I display it with pride on my windowsill.

Do you have a real or a fake Christmas tree?

Fake! We used to always have a real Christmas tree at my dad’s house, but a fake one is just so much more practical and you can re-use it the following year!

What is your most cherished memory from Christmas?

This is a hard one! But definitely a very fond memory I have is when the whole of my dad’s family came together in Spain, so all my brothers and sisters with their partners, my uncle and my aunt, my other aunt. We all had presents for each other and we played the ‘dobbelspel’ where you throw a dice and then each number means a different thing, for example, 6 is that you can take a present for yourself, and 1 is that you need to take a present for someone else. I loved that.

What is your favourite Christmas film?

How the grinch stole Christmas, just because I think it was the first ever Christmas film I watched and I have watched it so many times since. I will definitely put it on again this year, it’s such a classic!

Do you have any family traditions?

Not really actually. My mum, stepdad and little sister always celebrate Christmas the very traditional way. Opening presents on Christmas morning and eating a big Christmas dinner that my stepdad spends all day making. But since I don’t live there anymore I don’t really participate in that – and I’m vegan so the meal is not that appealing to me anyways – but it’s okay because I normally see them during the rest of the holidays and we can enjoy each other’s company then.

What will be your new years resolution?

I haven’t actually properly thought about all my new year’s resolutions yet, but one that immediately springs to mind is keep working on and growing my blog! I have found so much joy in my blog and everything surrounding it. I have already got to know some amazing people and the joy it brings me when someone comments or likes one of my posts is immense. So that is definitely the biggie!


I hope you liked reading my answers to Lulu’s questions, be sure to check out her blog too where she answers all of my questions!

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Christmas questions collaboration with lulu loves
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