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Ribbed white cardigan
Pride t-shirt
Black vest
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Grey cami
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Eye tee
White heels
Black cigarette trousers
Selectively social tee
Floral embroided tee
Rainbow t-shirt
Vest top
Creme coat
Grey trainers
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Polka dot blazer
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Bananas jumper
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Circle necklace

2017 beauty favourites

2017 was quite a year for my own personal beauty journey. After having worn a full face of make-up since the second year of high school I started the year off with minimal make-up, and I mean very minimal make-up. I went from taking 45 minutes to an hour each day to do my make-up to only taking 5 minutes. I started this at the beginning of university in September, I thought, hell it’s a new beginning why not. In April I (thankfully) rediscovered my love for make-up and started wearing a full face again. Everything I didn’t do during those 5-6 months came back 10 fold and I experimented a lot with make-up, especially in the summer. Using loads of bold colours, glitter and weard shapes and forms. I also decided to start posting my make-up looks on Instagram. So it changed from a personal instagram account, to a make-up looks one. Needless to say I was sh*t at taking photos of my eyes especially at the beginning (seriously, how DO they do it?), but I had fun while it lasted.

2017 beauty, skincare and make-up favourites

In July I started my blog (did I already mention that it was the best decision I ever made?) and my love for beauty and make-up changed again, but most definitely in a good way. I now also started looking at products to be able to talk about them, I started researching more into them so that I wouldn’t give any false information and didn’t just use it and decide if I liked it or not, actually thought about how I could describe how it works and what the reasons are I liked something or not. Regardless, I am still in the learning curve and enjoying talking about beauty and make-up all the way.

Here are the beauty products of 2017 that have worked just a little better for me than the rest:

The first thing, if you know me, you probably already will have seen coming: Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks. I rave about these a LOT, and for good reason. They are super easy to apply, don’t go streaky, stay on super long. They’re amazing. Another lipstick favourite of the year is the Elf lipstick in Blushing Brown. I have been wearing this every time I just want a brown, or I’m in a rush and I want something on my lips, since this goes with basically any make-up and outfit. It is also super moisturising. The staying power might not be top notch, as you can expect, but I’m okay with reapplying throughout the day since it’s kind of like a balm, so it’s perfect. The L.A. Girl Ultimate Lip Liners are also super creamy and nothing like I have ever tried before. I bought two shades, in Relentless Red and Unlimited Wine and they are truly amazing. I want to buy the rest of the shades too. I talk about them a bit more in my December beauty buys and first impressions post!

2017 beauty, skincare and make-up favourites

Next is something that has been raved about so much this year, I think it might be the most raved about palette of the year, it’s a real cult favourite, and with good reason. Can you guess what it is? Of course it has to be the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette. Everyone and their mom was talking about this and it truly is amazing. I have been using it so much ever since I got my hands on it because the possibilities are just endless. There are so many shades, mattes and shimmers. They’re super pigmented and blend like a dream. So obviously I couldn’t not include this palette in this list.

A very recent discovery but something I have been wearing ever since I got it and I know it will be a staple of mine for a very long time from now. It’s the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation. Most of you reading this will have heard of this and will probably own one for yourself. Then you will know that this foundation is quite something. I talked about it in my favourite make-up products for Christmas if you want a little more in depth review.

2017 beauty, skincare and make-up favourites

The last two make-up favourites of the year 2017 are the Stila Huge Extreme Lash mascara and the Makeup Revolution Blush in Love. The Stila mascara has quickly become my holy grail, I use it basically every day as it makes my lashes so long and voluminous. The Makeup Revolution Blush was a surprise for me. I got it in a mystery bag from Tambeauty that you got when you spent over a certain amount of money one time. Nothing much in that bag really appealed to me but I kept it to give a go. Most of the things I have given away or thrown out because they were just not good at all, but this blush I really do love! It’s a really subtle blush which I tend to gravitate most to and I have been wearing this pretty much every time whenever I wear blush.

2017 beauty, skincare and make-up favourites

Onto a favourite perfume of 2017. I got this pretty late in November but taking that I never really took much care into perfumes, I always seemed to be gifted one or find one that the renters at my dad house would leave behind, so I never needed to buy my own perfume and as long as it smelled nice I didn’t really have a preference or anything. Until I got the Charlotte Tilbury Perfume Scent of a Dream gifted because I spent over a certain amount on their products in the store, and I AM OBSESSED (to say the least). I am so absolutely in love with this perfume, it smells incredible. I am terrible at explaining scents so I am not even going to try, but here you can find the notes of the perfume explained on the Charlotte Tilbury website. What I will say though, is that this perfume reminds me so much of my grandmother who sadly passed away 9 years ago. That is not a bad thing (you might think, smelling like a grandmother, that’s not necessarily a compliment at age 20?) but if you smell like mine, it is. I still know exactly what her house and she smelled like but I don’t know what perfume she used to use. I’m quite sure it’s not this one but it does remind me a hell of a lot of her. So every time I spray this on myself it makes me so happy to think of her. The one downside about me liking this perfume so much is that I’m finally going to have to spent some money on a perfume when this is finished (or maybe I can get it for my birthday, hint hint). Also can I just add to this that the packaging of this perfume is just g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. 

2017 beauty, skincare and make-up favourites

I wanted to finish this list of with the one skincare favourite of the year. You might have guessed it already: the body shop tea tree oil! This little bottle has seriously saved my skin this year. It has become such a staple in my skincare routine and I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it. I also want to try out the tea tree toner as tea tree has done wonders. This little oil is a spot remover, and it works. I’m not saying you put this up once and immediately all your spots are gone. No. It’s going to take a little more time than that. But I had these really ugly tiny little spots which are kind of on the inside of my skin on my forehead (am I making sense?) and they would just never go away. So I started putting this bad boy all over my forehead and after a few weeks they were all completely gone! And they have not come peaking around the corner again. So finally, for the first time since forever my forehead is spot free. Now to rest of my face!

These were all my beauty favourites of 2017! What were yours?

2017 beauty favourites
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