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How to become a morning person

About two years ago I noticed that half my day was going to waste just because I was waking up late. I wanted to become a morning person so I ‘trained’ myself to become one, because I definitely wasn’t one by nature. Two years later and I can safely say that I am a total morning person, I have so much more energy in the morning. The evenings – in my opinion – should be dedicated to doing nothing on the couch and having an early night every night. But as I said, I did have to teach myself this ‘ability’. And I know there are other people struggling out there to be able to wake up in the morning without having to snooze 20 times.

So here are my tips to become a morning person

How to become a morning person

You have to want it

You can try and do everything possible to become a morning person if it’s not in your nature, but if you don’t actually want to become one, then it’s gonna be damn hard to achieve. Just like with anything in life, wanting it is the very first step to take. Think of a few reasons why you would want to become a morning person. Maybe it’s you want to get stuff done in the morning instead of starting your day at 11am. Or maybe you just need to wake up at 7 every morning for class or work and you don’t want to feel like shit every time you wake up. Maybe you want to actually be approachable and not barely even start to feel awake at lunchtime. Doesn’t matter the reason, but find one for yourself.

Just get out of bed

It’s far too easy to let your alarm go off and start thinking if you actually need to wake up or if your job or education actually is that important. The last thing most people want to do in the morning is get out of bed. That’s why it’s important to not fool your brain into thinking there’s any other option. From now on, as soon as the alarm goes off just step out of bed. Don’t think about it, just do it. I realise this might be a little tricky for some, but that’s alright. It takes practice. Together with all the other tips I’m giving you you’ll be a morning person in no time.

Go slow

If you’ve been waking up at 10 every morning you’re not suddenly going to be able to wake up at 6am feeling perfectly fine (or maybe you will, in that case I envy you). But for the most of us, the solution is to take it slow. Take it a half hour at a time, when you can. If you’re used to waking up at 10, wake up at 9.30 for a while. Then go down to 9 o’clock. Then to 8.30, and so on and so forth. Until you reach the time you actually want to be waking up at. You can also choose to take it down 15 minutes every day instead of half hour if you think that would be easier.

Stick to a routine

This is probably one of the most important tips. Stick to a routine. If you want to wake up every work day at 7 but then in the weekend you don’t get up ’til noon, your body is going to feel very disorientated and sleepy when the alarm goes off at 7 again on Monday. I’m not saying you can never go out again until the crack of dawn and wake up when the sun is setting again feeling sorry for yourself (nobody’s going to take that away). But if you’re not going out in the weekend try going to sleep at a normal time and setting your alarm for the same hour (or maybe half an hour more to give yourself a mini lie-in depending on how early you usually set it during the week) so that your body can get used to it. It’s a way of telling your body: hey, this is the time we’re going to be waking up at from now on, get used to it. And eventually you will probably wake up at that time by yourself, no alarm needed. Although I get why not everyone would want that, but don’t worry, I have that and I can still sleep until the afternoon if I go to sleep very late.

How to become a morning person

Go to bed at a reasonable time

Like I said in the tip above about going to bed at a reasonable time during the weekends, same goes for the weekdays. If you’re going to bed at 2 every night and you need to wake up at 7, you can damn well expect your body is not going to be happy with it. So make it habit of going to bed at a reasonable time. I try to always get 8 hours sleep every night, 7 is fine too but no longer than 9. If I sleep longer than 9 hours I overslept and I feel just as tired as if I had slept 4.

Put your phone somewhere you can’t reach it from your bed

You have a probably heard this one before and you might even think it’s annoying when people say it yet again. But it truly works. Put your phone somewhere you can’t reach it so that you HAVE to get out of bed in the morning to turn off your alarm. Then put all your power into not going back to bed after you’ve turned off the alarm. You could actually put your phone on the very other side of the room, and not just 2 metres away. And make sure to have socks or slippers next to your bed (if you don’t wear them in bed) so that your feet don’t get cold.

Turn your wi-fi off, completely and don’t turn it on in the morning

I know you’ve heard this one about a thousand times as well, but it is really important. And it’s important to not actually turn it on immediately in the morning. With the new IOS update, if you turn the wi-fi off in control centre it only disconnects it until the morning, so when you turn your alarm off you immediately receive all the notifications you missed at night. So make sure to actually turn off your wi-fi in the settings app and don’t turn it on when you wake up in the morning. Instead give yourself time to wake up first. Drink a glass of water, do your skincare routine, maybe even have breakfast or start putting on make-up.

I hope these tips were helpful for you. Let me know if you’re applying them to your routines and how it’s going! Do you have any tips to become a morning person that I might have missed?

Top tips on how to become a morning person
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