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5 beauty improvements I’ve made and 5 things I still need to improve

I’ve come a long way beauty wise since high school (thankfully) and I’ve definitely made some improvements, make-up wise and skincare wise. I think we all have. Yet there are still some things that I definitely need to improve and that I don’t already do, because I’m lazy (probably), or I just simply forget. So here are 5 beauty improvements I’ve made since high school and 5 I still need to work on.

5 beauty improvements and 5 things I still need to improve on 5 beauty improvements and 5 things I still need to improve on

5 beauty improvements since high school

In high school I wasn’t much of a skincare person, which is pretty bad I guess because I did start wearing make-up when I was about 13 but didn’t actually have a proper skincare routine till I turned 18. Shameful. Anyway, so one big improvement since high school, is having a proper skincare routineAnd what do you know, I actually enjoy skincare and trying out new products on my face and the rest of my body, almost as much as I love trying out new make-up. I’ve come a long way, that’s for sure. Another improvement, which ties in – kinda – with this one, is that I actually now spend a little more money on better products. I don’t mind spending a little more on some products if I know they are actually going to be beneficial for my skin. I also spend a lot more money on one single make-up product where before I used to be revolted by the fact that a foundation could cost 10€ (don’t know if this is completely a good thing, bye bye money). 

Some specific make-up improvements (they are improvements in my opinion), are that I actually choose the right foundation shade and that I fill in my eyebrows. Okay so that last one isn’t necessarily a huge improvement, if you can call it an improvement at all because it is just personal preference, but I am glad I started it. As for the foundation shade, I don’t know how I could’ve possibly thought that the foundation that I used to wear (one by Essence, cheapest one I could get) was the right shade. But I can’t have been the only one who this happened to right? – right? After going about half a year without wearing foundation and then going back, I finally realised that walking around like an orange oempa loempa was not really flattering.

Lastly, and again, you could argue this is not necessarily an improvement but it is for me as I love it, I wear lipstick waaaaaay more often than I used to. I have to say, there were phases in high school that I did wear lipstick. I had a phase where I only wore bright red lipstick and I actually got known as the red lipstick girl which I wasn’t mad at tbh. But generally I didn’t wear as much lipstick as I do now, and I love wearing lipstick, I think it really finishes off a look.

5 beauty improvements and 5 things I still need to improve on

5 beauty improvements and 5 things I still need to improve on

5 beauty improvements I still need to work on

To immediately start off with skincare, which I was so proud of just a minute ago, and I really have improved but I still have to get just a smidge better at it aka get less lazy about it. Most days I do my morning and evening skincare routines just fine, but some days, when I am feeling really tired or extra lazy I tend to just take off my make-up (I never skip that though, which I am pretty proud of), but I want to get into the habit of even on those days to still double clense and moisturise. It’s alright if I skip all the other bits and bobs I usually do, but I think those two are most important. And if all goes downhill to at least moisture my face after taking off my make-up.

Next onto… make-up brushes, particularly cleaning them. Now don’t get me wrong, I do clean them, I just have to clean them more often. I usually tend to leave that dreadful task just a little too long and use a spot cleaner more often. But I know that it is so important to clean your make-up brushes well, since disgusting germs and all.. So cleaning my make-up brushes is definitely a big improvement I need to make a start on. Staying on the topic of make-up brushes, I also need to start using better make-up brushes. Now I don’t mean better as in buying extremely expensive brushes as opposed to brushes of cheaper brands. I mean, using brushes from an actual brand instead of fake ebay brushes. (Every beauty blogger is looking down on me right now, and rightfully so). I think ebay brushes are nice to start with, but especially because I am buying some more expensive make-up products now as well, I think it’s only fair that I should spend a little more money on brushes too. I’m not talking luxury brands or anything, but brands like Zoeva and Morphe have really good affordable brushes. Still for some reason I just can’t get myself to spent money on a make-up brush set, does anyone else have this? Which is silly because good ones can literally last you years, and the difference it makes on your make-up application is definitely noticeable.

5 beauty improvements and 5 things I still need to improve on

Something else that I simply just forget to do most times but that I really do need to remember, is scrubbing my lips (when needed) before I put on liquid lipstick. Just because then lipstick doesn’t dehydrate my lips as much, and it just looks so much better. It is really not appealing when bits of lipskin (ew) are falling from your lips with lipstick on, resulting in having the flakiest lipstick ever.

Lastly, but which is definitely the most important improvement I need to make, is drink more water. And I am including this in this list, not because it has particularly much to do with beauty, but it does have a lot to do with how your skin looks. Not drinking enough water can have all sorts of negative effects on your skin. It’s not that I am drinking alarmingly little water, I aim to drink one and a half litres a day in the winter, and I do reach this more often than not, but I want to reach this every single day since it is so important.

So these are all the improvements I’ve made and am still working on. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading! What is an improvement you’ve made since high school and one you you’re still working on?

5 beauty improvements I've made and 5 things I still need to improve
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