The Lust List

Ribbed white cardigan
Pride t-shirt
Black vest
black oversized sunglasses
Grey cami
Jeepers Peepers sunglasses
Eye tee
White heels
Black cigarette trousers
Selectively social tee
Floral embroided tee
Rainbow t-shirt
Vest top
Creme coat
Grey trainers
Chunky brogue
Simple rose gold ring
Khaki trousers
Embroided jeans
Polka dot blazer
Check trousers
Bananas jumper
V-neck jumper
Jersey peg trousers
Lace body suit
Circle necklace

My dream home

Recently I’ve really been enjoying looking up different bits to buy for my home (much to my bank account’s dismay). Last week I changed up my desk, from a plain wooden one to a nice big white one from Ikea with the classic Alex 5 drawers. I’ve also been looking up some prints to buy and replace my – beautiful, but kind of over them now – film prints. I’m sure my dad will happily put them up in the living room.

I’ve been loving looking things up and imagining what my house would actually look like if I had complete liberty to decorate it exactly as I want it. Right now the living room is still my dad’s bedroom. Even though he’s not around too much I know I can’t suddenly change everything up without him knowing.

My dream home Me and my boyfriend plan to buy a house some day… some day. It is probably going to take a while, with me still being in uni and then obviously after I finally get a job I need to do quite a bit of saving (although I have already started, so that’s good). I thought it would be fun to kind of describe (with photos as well as with words) what my dream house would look like if I had all the money and freedom in the world (aka if my boyfriend either didn’t care or liked the exact same things as me). Maybe it will also give you a little bit of inspiration for your house or we can just drewl over everything together. Here’s to a LOT of links to amazing things I’ve found on the internet, plus of course I can’t forget the Pinterest inspiration photos.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way bragging, I don’t even have this house or the money to buy all these things. This is just me daydreaming and writing about it. 

My ideal home would be either on a houseboat (in Dutch it’s called woonboot and I have absolutely no idea if this is what it is in English or if you even have such a thing in England. It’s basically like a house on the water, pretty simple, and it can’t sail away or anything) with one side the water and the other side a park. Or just in a regular house with a view over the park. And both would be here in Utrecht as I’ve loved living here the past two and a half years, my whole family is here and if I want to stay in Holland this is where I would want to be.

If were talking about my ideal home I would think of having my ideal job as well. I would love to be a full time blogger in the future and that involves working from home. So obviously I would need/want my own office in the house. I love the desk that I have now so I would just choose to have that. I have an ikea linmon table with the alex 5 drawers. The Alex drawers are the typical ‘blogger/vlogger make-up organiser’. In the office I would want two or maybe one 9 one and a 5 one. One for all my stationary and officy bits, and one for my make-up. You might ask me: why would you want your make-up in your office and not in the bedroom? Well, because my boyfriend can sleep until quiet late in the weekends, and I’m an early riser. So if I want to do my make-up when he’s still asleep I normally have to do it in very minimal light and it’s just not ideal for both of us. So having it in the office would be the smartest option. I would also like to have some kind of comfortable chair or bean bag in my office, to just sit for a bit in between work or even work there when I just need to write in one go or something and I want to be a bit more comfortable. I would love to have a vinyl player in the office. I love listening to music whilst writing and I absolutely love the sound that comes out of vinyl players. This lovely blue number is definitely my style. I, like many other bloggers, have found this gorgeous lamp in Oliver Bonas and, even though it only ships to the UK, I would love to have that in there too!

Moving onto the bedroom. About a year ago me and my boyfriend saw this bedframe in a store here in Utrecht which we both absolutely loved. We vowed that if we one day would have the space and money to get it, we would! It’s this beautiful wooden one with (let me see if I can actually explain this) space around to place your books inside the bed frame. A bit hard to explain, but you’ll have to check the photo, it’s the first one. Like I said, I would have my desk and dressing table in my office, so there would only be one desk in there, that of my boyfriends. The dream is to have a walk in closet, but I will also settle for a built in closet like I have now. It’s super spacious and perfect to just store all of your clothes in and more. Just like now I would want one of the doors to be a huge mirror. I think this vico lamp would be perfect as night stand lamp, it’s so precious. At the end of the bed I would definitely want a throw. Maybe this thick knit one, and then preferably have some more of those around the house for that extra comfy feeling.

I haven’t found specific pieces of furniture for the living room yet, except for this lovely copper floor lamp. Plus this super pretty copper wire lamp shade! I have always thought these looked so sophisticated so I think it would just really be a great detail to the room. One piece of furniture I do know I want in the living room (except for the typical sofa, table, tv, etc.) is a shelving unit. I would love to just have an open shelving unit that I can experiment with and make it look all pretty. I see so many people doing that in some part of their home and I always think that it looks gorgeous and just adds so much detail to a room.

A must in my ideal home would be a bath! I haven’t lived in a house with a bath in it for years now. I did live in two when I was younger but I didn’t like having baths then (and I didn’t know lush existed!). So that’s definitely a must, and then a copper wire basket with loads of lush bath bombs and bubble bars is also a requirement. I would also want a huge cabinet in the bathroom so I can finally store all my skincare in the bathroom (I’ll leave like a tiny space for my boyfriend’s stuff don’t worry haha). Right now I have everything stored in a closet in my room because our bathroom is quiet tiny. I would love a huge cabinet with a huge mirror so I can just feel like having a big pamper every evening.

My dream home

I don’t know if it’s the same in England, but in a lot of Dutch houses the bathroom and the toilet are in separate areas. Which is ideal because if someone’s in the shower and you need a wee you don’t have to piss your pants (or nearly). So even though it is a quiet boring place I still do have plans for it! I want to do this with the toilet we have now as well. Place two wooden planks behind the toilet which I can make all nice. I would want two black wire baskets. One to store toilet paper and one to store pads and such. Place a nice little fake plant in there, a diffuser and this Get Shit Done poster.

Both in my room as in my office I want to have a wall gallery. I’ve actually been looking at quiet a few bits and pieces to buy to make one in my room now. I’m absolutely in love with this portrait by dorkface. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I hope to buy it soon. A few posters from Desenio I’ve been eyeing up are this GRL PWR poster and it started with a swipe. Because yes, our relationship, just like so many others now a days, started with a swipe. Living in Holland one thing I do is cycle EVERYWHERE. As a Dutch person there’s not a place too far to cycle (okay that’s a lie but I can go pretty far). So this how I roll poster is just perfect for in my house.

Some other little things that I found on my hunt for homeware bits. I saw this wall mirror on the Next website and I knew I wanted it immediately. I wouldn’t know where to put it per se – I guess that also depends on the house. But I definitely want it! I’ve always wanted some hanging plants in cute pots. I don’t have anywhere to hang them for now and would have no idea how to even start that so I’m just going to leave that up for my next house. I already have quite a few plants in this house, so in my dream house – which would be a little bigger than this one – I would obviously get some more. And I want to find some cuter plant pots because now I just have plane Ikea ones which are nice but not so ‘me’. This lovely number from sass and belle definitely is though! Also this vase from Oliver Bonas is just precious! Maybe it would motivate me to buy some flowers every now and again!

If you didn’t know, I love cats and I definitely want to get a cat when I ever have a house with a garden. Also some other cat related bits, such as this cute cat candle, this cat trinket dish and this cat mini planter. Never enough cats right?

I don’t have very specific things in mind for the kitchen, except that I think this rose gold storage tin would make a great addition to it! I’ve also always wanted a glass mirrored tray. You know for blog photos but also as way of beautiful storage. Lastly, a letter S led light decoration for either in my office or maybe in the bedroom. Then I would get an S & M. Wouldn’t that be pretty?

So that’s almost all my dream home explained. I also went on Pinterest to find some home inspiration!

What does your dream home look like?

My dream home
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