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How to get out of a blogging rut

For the past few weeks I’ve been in a bit of a blogging rut. Just like most of us this just happens from time to time, it’s inevitable but very annoying. This doesn’t mean that I’m suddenly no longer into blogging, it could be for all kinds of reasons. I think mine is because I was so intensely blogging for two weeks straight, and then uni suddenly started again and a lot of work was pushed over my way and I didn’t feel it for a while. Thankfully, because I had been blogging for two weeks I had quiet a few posts already finished ready to go up so I didn’t have to miss an upload.

Unfortunately, those posts are now gone… Thankfully though, I am slowly getting out of it. Although now let’s see how much time I have actually got to do some blog work because deadlines are coming my way asap. But we’ll just make the best of it!

There have been a few things that I have done that I’ve noticed really make a difference to get me out of the rut and back into business aka blogging. So I am here to give you some tips for when the same thing happens to you, my friend.

If you’re in another kind of rut though, in more of a studying rut, I’ve also written another post to help you with that!

How to get out of a blogging rut

Just lay low for a while

Unless blogging is your job nobody’s going to be angry at you if you don’t post for a little bit (if blogging is your job they aren’t either but then you have the financial matter to think about). So if you’re really not feeling it just don’t post for a bit. I was lucky that I had some post pre-written so I only had to worry about publishing them, and if you have the same thing that’s great! But if you don’t, that’s fine too!

Nobody’s gonna blame you for taking some time off. Sometimes, it is most definitely needed and deserved. Just take that time to not think about blogging at all. You can throw a little social media break in there too if you fancy. Focus on whatever other things you have going on until you feel comfortable enough to get back into it.

Read other people’s blog posts

When I didn’t feel like writing or taking photos at all, I did always feel like reading other people’s blog posts. I thoroughly enjoyed them and they actually slowly started getting me my blogging mojo back. Reading other people’s posts can bring you the motivation that you need because you might remember how much fun it actually is to be able to have your little corner of the internet (that’s what it was for me anyway).

If it’s inspiration you’re lacking this might also be a good way to think up some new ideas. I’m obviously not saying it’s okay to completely copy someone, but taking some inspiration has never harmed anyone (and of course, give credit where credit is needed)

Listen to podcasts

If it’s inspiration I’m lacking, listening to podcasts is one of my favourite things to do. Apart from them being so much fun to listen to they are a great source of inspiration because of all the different topics they talk about. Obviously (again) don’t copy someone entirely, but maybe if someone on your favourite podcast discusses something and you want to take part in that discussion as well, why not write a blog post about it? Or if someone has given some advice on something and you think there’s some more tips you can give, why not write a blog post on it?

Trust me, put a good podcast on, start doing whatever you want to do – maybe take a walk, or finally take the time to clean the bedroom, and ideas will – hopefully – start flowing in.

Keep a notebook with ideas

This is more something to do all the time but still equally important. I have a notebook where I immediately write down all my ideas for blog posts as soon as they get to me (or to my phone and then transfer them). If you’re lacking inspiration this is a great way to always have post ideas on hand.

If you simply don’t feel like writing – like I did a few weeks ago – then this notebook can still remind you of all the great ideas you have planned and, even though it might not help you immediately, it’s a push in the right direction.

Sometimes you just have to write it out

If you feel like the writer’s rut is going on for a little too long, maybe you just need to write it out. Take a simple idea that doesn’t require too much research and start writing it in a blog post. It can be published later, but doesn’t have to be. As long as you make that first step. It can be absolute shit but it might just be de nudge you need to get those creative juices flowing again.

Do you have any tips to get out of a blogging rut?

How to get out of a blogging rut or slump
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