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Black cigarette trousers
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3 – thick but not sticky – body moisturisers

Especially in these cold and bitter winter months it is oh so necessary to moistures our body’s well. Although that is easier said than done. Who else hates the feeling of putting on a thick moisturiser but then not being able to put on any clothes or sit anywhere because you’re still so greasy 20 MINUTES later?? (me!). If I put an oil on, I expect that, but with a simple moisturiser, this shouldn’t be a problem. So I’ve compiled my three favourite moisturisers that keep your body hydrated all day but stop being sticky almost immediately after slathering it on.

3 favourite body moisturisers which are thick but not sticky

Lush massage bar

I first tried this in a Lush store when one of the people working there asked if I wanted to try it right before I was leaving. Of course I said yes, the people are always so lovely there and trying a new Lush product is always a good idea (although maybe not for my bank account). It took a little time for me to find one that I actually liked the smell of but when I finally did she used it on my arm and talked a bit about it. I thought it was nice but didn’t think it was too special or anything so I kept going with my day. Fast forward a few hours, I’m sitting on my couch watching Netflix (how else would you ever find me?) when I feel my arm and surprisingly notice that IT’S STILL HYDRATED. Like my mind = blown. It was not sticky, at all, but it still felt exactly like it felt when that lovely Lush lady put it on.

That was obviously enough reason for me to go get it. But if you need one more reason, it is called a massage bar. I love using it to give my boyfriend a massage, and then get it reciprocated obviously (when he wants to though, he doesn’t like it giving them that much, but he likes getting them so he deals with it).

3 favourite body moisturisers which are thick but not sticky

Vida natural whipped body butter 

This is quite a special one that most of you probably haven’t heard of yet, but you’ll definitely want to get one after reading this! It’s an all-natural brand by a friend of my mother’s, but I am definitely not biased I just seriously love this product! It’s a body cream that smells of dreamy coconut, it’s quite thick but glides onto the skin with ease. You really don’t need too much product to be moisturised to the gods! Then after waiting only a few minutes it has completely sank into your skin, BUT you may think it hasn’t because you can still feel your whole body feeling moisturised. And that’s the beauty of it, it will stay that way the whole day but it will not cling onto your clothes or anything.

The body shop body butter

The widely loved body shop body butters. I still have the vanilla chai Christmas scent so putting that on is an extra treat for me as it takes me back to the magical Christmas time (who else sung that?).

I would be surprised if anyone reading this hasn’t already tried at least one of the scents but I’m going to be talking about it a bit anyway. Just like the other two, this one is amazing to put on when your skin is really craving that extra moisture. It’s incredibly thick but doesn’t linger. In my experience it takes a little longer to be able to put clothes on again, but still nothing compared to some of the lotions which stay on top of your skin for half an hour and don’t ever seem to get absorbed.

One of the best things about these body butters in my opinion, is the range of smells. Whatever you like, they’ve probably got it. Are you a sweet girl? They’ve got loads. Not so much? Got enough options too! Only like very specific smells? They’ve still probably got something in your taste.

What is your favourite body lotion?

3 - thick but not sticky - body moisturisers
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