The Lust List

Ribbed white cardigan
Pride t-shirt
Black vest
black oversized sunglasses
Grey cami
Jeepers Peepers sunglasses
Eye tee
White heels
Black cigarette trousers
Selectively social tee
Floral embroided tee
Rainbow t-shirt
Vest top
Creme coat
Grey trainers
Chunky brogue
Simple rose gold ring
Khaki trousers
Embroided jeans
Polka dot blazer
Check trousers
Bananas jumper
V-neck jumper
Jersey peg trousers
Lace body suit
Circle necklace

10 things I’m loving this week #3

WHERE HAS SPRING GONE? (captions are totally necessary). When I was writing my last ‘loving’ post last week I was sitting on the couch enjoying the sun and now if I step one foot outside I’m afraid it’s going to freeze off again. Hadn’t we left this all behind? Apparently not…

Apart from the weather taking a tremendous turn, we couldn’t let any water run through the pipes for three days this week. It was… interesting. Actually no, it was damn right annoying. We got a replacement toilet which you COULDN’T PUT TOILET PAPER IN. If there’s anything more annoying than not having your own toilet and having a camping toilet as a replacement in your tiny tiny bathroom, plus not being able to shower or wash your hands and teeth properly, is having all that and not being able to put toilet paper in the toilet. If you’ve never tried it, I suggest you don’t haha!

I feel like every week this intro has been my opportunity to complain about whatever thing has happened that week before I get into all the awesome things that have happened as well. I guess I like this format, this way we always end on a positive note, which is important. And trust me, there have been some amazing things happening this week!

10 things I'm loving this week #3 - 10 favourites of the week

10 things I’m loving this week

Lotus Speculoos SpreadWhen we went shopping at the beginning of the week I was in dire need of everything sweet so apart from buying all willy wonka’s factory in chocolate, I also bought Lotus Speculoos Spread. Which is basically the speculaas cookies in bread spread form. It’s amazing! I’m pretty sure you can get it in the UK too so if you fancy, get your butt over there to try it! V unhealthy but V worth it.

Hard-ass bootcampThat same evening – to ease the guilt maybe – I had bootcamp. And for some reason it was the best bootcamp yet this year. I was feeling so motivated and had so much energy I was doing everything so well. Normally by the second rep I’m basically dead and need some water but not now. I was still pretty tired afterward but I was an absolute beast during the training if I do say so myself.

RotiThe three day shower and toilet cut-off wasn’t all bad things. Because we couldn’t put any water down the drain it was pretty hard to cook because we couldn’t throw the water anywhere – we live on the second floor in a flat so it’s not like we could throw the water in the garden. So that was basically an excuse to order takeaway. My boyfriend bought doner (his favourite) with fries and I had roti from a different place. Despite the man being incredibly late, he did apologise and I enjoyed my meal all the same. It was freaking delicious.

Passing my midtermTwo weeks ago I handed in my midterm and, I think everyone in my class will agree when I say this, it was bloody hard. We had hardly enough words to write everything but we were expected to use about 14028 million sources and write everything as detailed as possible. Needless to say that when I got back my grade and saw that I had passed, I made a little jump (on my seat) of joy. Now onto the final paper (which is due next friday, Eek!) 

Not being too lateThis sounds as like I’m always late and I’ve finally made it somewhere on time. But no, that is definitely not the case. In fact I’m always on time, I absolutely hate being late. This refers to the fact that on Wednesday evening I was supposed to enter a form so that next week I could go somewhere with my uni (what exactly it is you’ll see in next week ‘loving’ post) but I had completely forgotten and stupidly not set myself a reminder. So the next day I suddenly remembered and entered, I was absolutely sure I would be set on the waiting list but thank whoever is up there watching over me that I wasn’t.

I realise it sounds like I entered a form to a lottery ticket you couldn’t loose to. It’s not that heavenly, but it’s just something that’s really important to me and that I think will be really important to me in my career after uni (again, you’ll see next week!)

Primark shopping tripFor weeks and weeks now I’ve been wanting to go to Primark to get some bits. I’ve been seeing so many products whilst having endless scrolls through Instagram and I just couldn’t wait to get my butt over there. So last Friday I finally went and even though there weren’t as many products that I liked as I was expecting – maybe that’s also due to the size of the primark, next time I should really go to the six story primark in Amsterdam – I still picked up a few nice little bits and had a fun time!

My dad coming over | Some of you may know that my dad is currently residing in Spain. So last Saturday he came to Holland and he’s staying for a month. I know soon enough we’ll be ripping each other’s hairs out – because who can possibly live with their parents after they’re used to living alone? – but it’s nice while it lasts. 

Chinese foodTo celebrate (kinda) that my dad is here, the first night we picked up some Chinese food as it’s his favourite. The Chinese food is also a lot better in Holland than it is in Spain, plus we have one of the best restaurants right around the corner from us. Score! 

Letter to my daughterOur tiny tribe is a YouTube channel which I’ve been following for a while now. It’s a couple, Ebony and David, who’ve just had their gorgeous baby Daisy. They recently uploaded a video titled ‘Letter to my daughter‘. I think you can guess what it is from the title and it’s amazing, I think you can also guess that it definitely made me cry!

Dinner with the familyObviously with my dad being in the country we also had to have a family dinner with everyone. There were a few people missing but I’m sure we’ll have another family dinner soon enough. Of course we ordered Chinese again, although this time for 6 instead of for 2 and it was delicious, again.

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10 things I'm loving this week #3 - 10 favourites of the week
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