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All the books I’ve read so far this year

At the end of last year I suddenly started getting more and more into books. It had started with magazines, I was suddenly buying every Elle and Glamour out there. Then I discovered some, as they call, “blogger books” that I thought I’d find interesting, and I bought them. From there it went on to fiction books again and now I’m loving reading every night before bed and any other time I feel like it.

I set myself a challenge at the beginning of the year on goodreads to read 20 books this year. I know it might not seem like much but I thought I would ease into it for now and if I finish beforehand everything else is just a nice bonus. So far I’m 2 books ahead of schedule (according to goodreads) so I’d say the challenge is going well.

So this year I wanted to talk about all the books I’ve been reading so far over the last 4 months, and make this a tri-annual thing.

All the books I've read so far this year

Harry Potter & the half-blood prince and Harry Potter & the deathly hallows by J.K. Rowling

I have to admit, this was the first time I read these two books. You can slap me now. When I was reading all the Harry Potter books years ago I kind of was just put off of reading for some reason before I could finish the last two and never actually did. So this year I made it my mission to finish them. I took the last book with me on my little weekend trip to Spain in February and I basically read it in a few days.

I don’t think I have to say a lot about this other than it is amazing! It is true what they say that the books are a million times better than the movies. The movies are good, don’t get me wrong, but the books have so much more detail in them and things get explained so much better. The movies leave you with many unanswered questions and the books have answered all of them. Obviously a movie can not include everything (although I would so be up for watching a movie where they had kept ALL the details), but it doesn’t take away from this fact. One thing that did disappoint was the final fight between Voldemort and Harry in the last book, the movie makes it all spectacular and the book makes it seem like it was literally over within a second. I definitely want to re-read all the books one day!

#girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

Last week I wrote about what I thought was the true meaning of #girlboss. In there I explained a little about what I thought was the message of the book and I said the book gave me inspiration and motivation to work hard to achieve whatever I wanted to achieve.

I stand by that, I think this book is a great source of inspiration, tips and overall just a nice story to read. I love how she’s brutally honest with you and tells you everything she did to get where she is, without feeling ashamed to tell it (although obviously we don’t know what parts she might have left out). If you’re needing a kick up the butt and some advice, I would definitely recommend picking up this book.

The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

I talked about this book in my fiction must reads because it is definitely one of my favourite books ever. In fact I would say it is my favourite book ever, and that is a statement. I first read it when I was in high school when I saw they were making a movie from it. Emma Watson was playing in it so obviously I had to watch it but I don’t want to a watch a movie from a book if I haven’t read the book first, so I asked for it and I got it as a gift from my mum.

As I said in my previous post, the book talks about a different array of subjects, all from the eyes of a high school freshman called Charlie. Since he is a little autistic we see the world through his innocent eyes. Making all the terrible things he might experience seem not so terrible because he doesn’t really know what’s going on. But the book gives you just enough juice to think about what happens to him, and empathise with him. But it still manages to always keep a smile on your face, just like Charlie.

Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking┬áby Susan Cain

A very thorough book on introverts and how they and their brains work. I mentioned this in lasts weeks post, my introvert’s letter to extroverts. She has gone all the way to do all the amount of research necessary to write this book and give introverts a little more appreciation on how they work, in a society that only really knows how to handle extroverts.

There is a LOT of research and different studies in this book, so beware, but I think it’s still perfect to get through. This book has taught me that being an introvert is just fine and I shouldn’t have to conform to extrovert’s (or society’s) ideals.

All the books I've read so far this year

The lovely bones by Alice Sebold

This is another book that I wanted to watch the movie of, so had to read the book first. Although I wanted to watch the movie years and years ago and only just read the book now, but that aside… It’s a book about a girl that gets murdered and then it’s narrated by her from the afterlife where she’s looking out for the rest of her family and friends over the years that go by.

This book took me quite a bit longer to read because it stopped gripping me towards the middle/end. The beginning was quite interesting, I thought it was quite a good idea for a book as there aren’t as many spiritual books like this written that are well known. Towards the end though it seemed to me that it was kind of repeating itself a lot, not literally but nothing much more was being added to the storyline, there’s only so much that can happen to a family that’s interesting from that girl’s perspective even 10 years down the line. So overall, not my favourite, but I’m still glad I read it.

Unravelling Oliver by Liz Nugent

I read this book in about 3 days time, just because it’s quite short. The story is about a man who suddenly beats his wife whilst nobody was expecting it. The story is then told from different people’s perspectives and the point is to find out there was more to Oliver than meets the eye.

Whilst I do agree on that, it seemed to me like the description of the book was trying to “make an excuse” for him. I went in with an open mind because maybe he really was having trouble, but there’s nothing in the book that doesn’t only say he’s a d*ck through and through. I was really hoping for some kind of twist ending but it only kept confirming everything we already knew about this man. So overall not such a good book and I definitely didn’t like the fact that it was insinuating that there could ever be a good excuse to beat someone up!

Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult

After reading My sister’s keeper by the same author I was so in love with her style of writing that I bought about 8 other of her books on the market in Spain. This was about 3 years ago before I moved to Holland and I’ve only just now made a dent in my reading list of this amazing author. Lone Wolf is about a family whose father is obsessed with wolves, a son whose left home, a daughter whose very close to her father and the mother whose left the family for another man. The father and daughter get into an accident and the father is permanently on life support. The question is: who becomes the guardian and decides what to do?

Unfortunately I didn’t like this book as much as I would have liked. It was a nice story and I loved reading about the father being with wolves as I can only imagine what that would be like. But the story itself seems very simple to me, except for the addition of the wolf crazy father, I have heard plenty of other stories where someone is about to die, one person wants to keep him alive, one not and in the end it’s all somehow resolved. It didn’t seem that original to me and so the book didn’t appeal to me that much.

What books have you read so far this year?

All the books I've read so far this year
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