The Lust List

Ribbed white cardigan
Pride t-shirt
Black vest
black oversized sunglasses
Grey cami
Jeepers Peepers sunglasses
Eye tee
White heels
Black cigarette trousers
Selectively social tee
Floral embroided tee
Rainbow t-shirt
Vest top
Creme coat
Grey trainers
Chunky brogue
Simple rose gold ring
Khaki trousers
Embroided jeans
Polka dot blazer
Check trousers
Bananas jumper
V-neck jumper
Jersey peg trousers
Lace body suit
Circle necklace

10 things I’m loving this week #11

I am sitting here writing this at 17.32 on a Sunday afternoon, the sun is out (I have the curtains closed) and I have daisies in my hair from a photoshoot from earlier – aka my boyfriend helping me with Instagram photos (keep an eye out). We are planning on eating kapsalon tonight and then later going to see Deadpool 2 (keep reading to find out how we liked it) and generally it has been a really nice Sunday.

10 things I'm loving this week - 10 favourites of the week

10 things I’m loving this week

Reading in the sun | It’s been sunny again this week! My boyfriend made the very accurate comment that we should be expecting a hurricane soon because it’s been pretty much only good weather for the past couple of weeks, something which is EXTREMELY unlike Holland. Only a couple of days of sunshine is normally followed by a big storm.

But alas, it’s still sunny and there’s still no storm, not really (touch wood). So I took the opportunity and went outside to have a read – currently reading a million dollar blog, will report back on that when finished. It was nice, soaking up the book, the sunshine and the small part of nature I get to enjoy in front of my house.

Blockers | On Friday we went to see Blockers at the cinema, I wasn’t expecting too much of it as comedy movies are really hard to do well and normally they just end up being ‘nice’ and not genuinely funny. But they did it, there were quite a few times that the whole cinema was laughing and we truly enjoyed ourselves.

Planning our trip to Copenhagen | The whole week I’ve been planning our trip to Copenhagen. I don’t know what’s suddenly gotten over me as before I never felt like it but I’ve suddenly had the burst of inspiration to go do it. From things to see to where to go and places to eat, I’ve got everything written down and starred on Google Maps – a new thing I do is star all the places I or we could eat, so if you go to my google maps you’ll find a lot of yellow in Copenhagen, and a few different cities in the UK (already preparing for when I go study there).

Now all that’s left to do is find out when exactly we’re gonna go there, for how long and then actually have a set itinerary for every day, instead of just a lot of options.

Moody tunes | I have discovered a lot of different music this week, from a few different genres but I would mostly describe them as ‘moody’. Occasionally I just feel like putting on some music, instead of a podcast, but I am really terrible at finding music so I absolutely love it when people share what they’re listening to on Instagram stories – something I’ve started doing now as well.

Some of the songs I’ve been enjoying: need you now by Dean Lewis, outside by TENDER, love is a bitch by Two Feet, rush by Lewis Capaldi, lovely by Billie Eilish and slow dancing in a burning room by John Mayer. If you have any recommendations for songs, artists or albums please leave them in the comments!

The Royal Wedding | I couldn’t write this list and not mention the Royal Wedding this week right? Initially I wasn’t going to watch it because I didn’t know if they would broadcast it on the Dutch tv, but obviously they did so I made myself some food and watched (almost) the whole thing whilst doing a little bit of blog work (although I mostly spent my time on Instagram and Harry Potter).

Vegan shoarma pizza | The New York Pizza have a new (their first) vegan pizza! It’s a vegan shoarma pizza and it was delicious! I usually just have to get the vegetarian pizza with the most veggies and then ask without cheese but now there’s finally another option. I love how more and more restaurants are catering for vegans nowadays. Maybe now I could even ask for vegan cheese on another type of pizza, now they have it!

Photography Sunday | During the whole week I was asking my boyfriend if we could take photos of me on Sunday (he had already said yes I just didn’t want him to forget) So yesterday we went out the door and started shooting. I had some ideas in my head of what we could do, they didn’t all pan out like I wanted to but I still got some nice shots (keep an eye out on my Instagram)

Kapsalon | If you’ve been reading these posts for a while you’ll know that I’ve previously already mentioned kapsalon on here. But if you haven’t it’s basically a fast food dish with fries, donër kebab, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and mayo or garlic mayo. A couple of weeks ago we made it at home and this time again. Last time I had actual fake kebab but since I couldn’t get that this time I settled with tempeh marinated in ketjap, which was very delicious!

Deadpool 2 | Sunday evening we went to the cinema, again. This was the fourth time I had gone to the cinema last week (I’ve watched truth or dare, midnight sun, blockers and deadpool 2). Deadpool 2 was funny, it was good, but definitely not as good as the first one (hardly any movies are). But I’m glad they didn’t completely screw it up because that would’ve been a shame. I really liked the cameos that were in the movies though, watch out for them when you go watch it! (You do have to go watch it)

A bettter routine | Since my motivation and productivity had been at an all time low last week (feel like I keep repeating that everywhere) I decided to start a new routine. Nothing majorly different, more than anything a different Sunday routine to start the week off right. It has already upped my productivity massively but I’m going to keep working at it to keep it up and then I’ll write a blog post on everything that I did, so keep your eyes peeled!

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10 things I'm loving this week - 10 favourites of the week
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