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I feel guilty for not being a workaholic

Ever since I entered the blogging world I have read a lot of different posts by a lot of different people on being a workaholic, the glorification of being busy, burn out and mostly how everyone is exactly that and how to make sure you give yourself a break.

I must say, I never relate to any of these posts and I feel quite guilty about it.

I always wanted to be a workaholic, as much as I’ve read so many blog posts on that you shouldn’t be. I wanted to be busy, not with social events but with blog stuff because that meant that things were going good and I love working on my blog. I definitely didn’t want to give myself burn out but I expected I would be able to notice the signs on time.

I feel guilty for not being a workaholic

But as much as I have wanted to be all those things because that is what makes a “successful business woman”, I’m not.

I’m not a workaholic, I don’t work all hours of the day because I don’t want to. I love working on my blog don’t get me wrong, and even if there’s things I don’t enjoy doing as much I will still do them with a 100% effort (most of the time) because I love my blog.

However I don’t want to work on one thing for the whole day, or even work all day. There are a lot of times that I don’t feel like doing anything other than sitting on the couch. Or I don’t feel like doing what I set myself out for that day. Or sometimes I want to work until lunch time and not anymore after.

I don’t like working all hours of the day, I do it – although the last time was a while ago – but I enjoy working when I enjoy working and I’m lucky enough I have that privilege since I’m still at uni.

But that’s not to say that whenever I read another post by a #girlboss absolutely smashing it saying how she manages to switch off from her work like it’s extremely difficult (and for some, it is, I get that) I feel a little guilty, and a little jealous.

Because I don’t feel that difficulty to switch off.

Sure, the only time I ever come up with blog post ideas is when I’m not working on my blog. And sometimes I will get a burst of inspiration to do something when I’m supposed to have down time. Like now, I was reading Dolly Alderton’s book Everything I know about love and suddenly I felt like I wanted to write this post so I ran to my computer. It’s not like I stick to a 9 to 5 schedule either, if I want to do something in the evening or very early in the morning I definitely will.

But there’s so often that I don’t feel like working or doing anything productive and I don’t feel bad for not forcing myself to do something (mostly) because I know it will definitely not be my best work anyway. However I do feel guilty when reading all these bloggers talking about not being able to switch off because they love their work too much.

It makes me feel like I don’t love my blog and the work I do for it enough. Because I don’t want to constantly be working on it.

I feel guilty for not being a workaholic

I guess you could compare it slightly to mummy guilt, I’m not a mum myself but I have heard many new mums feeling guilty for not wanting to be with their new born child 24/7 and needing a break for a couple of hours. There is obviously absolutely nothing wrong with needing some alone time away from your child and it certainly does not mean you don’t love your child, nothing could be further from the truth.

And I don’t believe I don’t love my blog just because I don’t want to spend 24/7 working on it, burning myself out and not giving myself a break. Because I know that’s bullshit. But for some reason it still gets to me every time I realise I’m not a workaholic and someone else is and is proud (or not so proud) to say it.

But I have to learn that working on my blog 24/7 is not the be all and end all way of succeeding with it and it’s certainly not true that I’m not invested enough in it if I don’t feel like blogging all the time.

I guess I just need to let go of this guilt society has put on me that the only way to be successful is to keep going until you burn yourself out, because I’m not even acting on it, the guilt just eats me up inside (okay, it’s not that extreme)

Look at people like Sara Tasker and Jen Carrington for example, who have created their business to work for their life and lifestyle. They both have a chronic illness with fatigue so they physically cannot work more than so many hours in a day and in a week, because they need to rest. And they have two business which are thriving.

They are genuinely huge inspirations for me on this front, and on any other business front for that matter.

I know it’s such a privilige to even be talking about this. And I know those bloggers I look up to that are workaholics aren’t always proud of it either, since it does really burn people out and there is nothing worse than being self-employed and burnt out.

I just wanted to give my view on this and how I stand in life on this matter.

Are you a workaholic or are you the complete opposite? And do you feel guilty for being what you are?

I feel guilty for not being a workaholic
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