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Try to calm down: my tips

Firstly, I am not talking about how to calm yourself down after having a panic attack or something of the like, I am definitely not a mental health expert and even though I hope these tips might help a bit, it’s not directed at that since I know that is something completely different

In this post I want to send my tips into the world on how to calm down after having a fight or hearing really bad news or something of the like.

Sometimes a situation arises where we are sent into a shit spiral of emotions and we literally just cannot contain our calm. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being sad or being angry and expressing your feelings, but I know that at some point we would like to get back our calm for our own sake and our bodies sometimes will just not listen. They have a mind of their own sometimes. Luckily, we can do something with our real minds to calm ourselves and our bodies down a little

Try to calm down: my tips

Cry it out

First things first, cry it out. Find a safe and private spot, be comfy and don’t hold back those tears. Trying to hold back those tears will not do anyone any good and if you’re alone, there’s no one there to judge or hurt you. It’s actually healthy to cry, it clears your head. See it as a self-care session, except now the face mask are your tears

If you are not alone though, it would be completely normal to hold back your tears until you get somewhere where you are alone or around trusted people. Try to get home as soon as possible if you’re upset and then just take the rest of the day off (if possible).

Decide whether you want to be alone or not

Some people want to be alone when they’re upset, some don’t. You know yourself best so decide in that moment if you would rather be left alone or if you would rather someone stay with you.

If someone is already with you and you’d rather be alone, ask them kindly to leave and explain you want to be alone. If they are a real friend they’ll understand. The same goes for if you want to be with someone but that someone is not who is with you at that moment, because if you’d rather have company, make sure it’s someone that you trust and who you know will say the right things at that time.

Watch something funny on tv

Emphasis on funny. Don’t try watching something sad (deuh) and don’t try watching something that will make you cry, even if it’s a happy cry (unless it’s a cry from laughing too hard, definitely watch that).

Watching something funny will take your mind off things whilst watching something that will make you cry – yes even happy cry – will only keep you focussed on the crying aka on the thing that has just happened that made you cry in the first place.

I would avoid any dramas and action series or films as well as they are just too serious. Laughter is the solution to everything, is that not how the quote goes?

Try to calm down: my tips

Read lifestyle blog posts

I know I always have a bunch of posts on my bloglovin feed because I am always behind on reading my faves, so this is the perfect time to catch up. Read through some lifestyle posts, or beauty posts or whatever your interest. I would avoid any blogging or business style posts as your mind will probably not be up for that at that minute in time. I always like to really take in whatever advice that blogger is giving me so that I can maybe apply it to my own blog and I know I don’t want to be reading anything I need to remember at times like those.

Read a fiction book

Nothing better to forget your own sorrows than to be immersed in someone else’s. Again, I would advice against reading a non-fiction book like a self help book or a business or blogging book (memoirs could be the only exception as they are still a story). Generally you probably won’t want to be thinking about working or business or blogging or any of that and if you do read something like that, you will most likely not remember everything that you read which is no point really if you want to learn from it.

A fiction book is a great way to transport yourself out of your own world for a little while and immerse yourself into a completely different one.

Write it out

I find sometimes I just want to write it out, perhaps in a diary or any other piece of paper really, you could either write about what has just happened or anything else you feel like.

Sometimes it’s also nice to just write a blog post, it could be about anything and everything. If you have an idea book take that out and start writing a post from there or think of something on the spot. Make sure you just leave it in your drafts after finishing it, don’t publish it immediately, and definitely re-read it before you do as you’ve probably said some things you might not want to in the emotional state you were in and not all sentences could make sense.

What are your tips to calm down?

Try to calm down: my tips

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