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What I’ve been watching, reading and listening: August

Coming at you a little bit late with this post because I haven’t been able to find the motivation to write it before now, or any other blog post for that matter. But it’s now September, it’s a new month with new opportunities. I took the chance to set myself some new goals for the rest of the year & for September & I want to set myself weekly goals as well so I hope that will get me back on track. I loved Charlotte’s goal setting 5 day e-mail course to get me going with those!

In the month of August I visited 3 different countries, I went to Copenhagen at the beginning of the month – read my full guide here – and passed through Germany to get there with the car. Then I have just come back from a two week holiday to Spain to visit all my friends.

Holidays to me always mean that I get a lot of reading and/or watching done and this year was no different, so let’s get into it!

Everything I've been watching, reading and listening: August , movie and book reviews
Everything I've been watching, reading and listening: August , movie and book reviews



I have been watching a LOT of movies this month. I have used Netflix to its fullest potential whilst in Spain to maximise and truly enjoy a lazy holiday.

First off I had a little marathon of the first seven fast and furious films. I saw that the first one was on Netflix so on a whim I decided to have a marathon (not all in one day) over the course of my holiday. I absolutely love the fast and furious franchise, especially the first 7 as I feel that’s like “the set” with Paul Walker (RIP). Especially number 7 – which I technically watched in September but I thought I’d include anyway – always hits me right in the feels through a combination of the music which brings up so many memories and the ending which will always make me cry.

I also revisited some old favourites, three of which had Tom Hanks in. First was Catch me if you can – also with Leonardo Di Caprio – which is seriously such as good movie, and to think that has all actually really happened… and before he turned 19!

After came The Terminal. Also based on a true story, except this time the true story is a lot sadder than the fiction, which has been completely romanticised. And since I was on a Tom Hanks roll I decided to throw in Forrest Gump as well. I hadn’t seen that classic in absolutely ages so I thought it was time to revisit since it always makes me feel so good!

Lastly for the old classic favourites came Good Will Hunting with the beloved Robin Williams (again RIP) and Matt Damon. Some movies truly never get old even if they were made 20, 30 or even 40 years ago, and these are definitely some great examples.

Then I’ve also watched a whole other genre of films (see, I told you I’d been watching a lot this month?), which are rom-coms. Also always a firm favourite of mine. I finally watched two films that broke the internet when they came out aka To all the boys I’ve loved before and The kissing booth. I liked them both. I really liked them both actually. They were real easy watches which made me feel really good and happy, I love a good high school romance.

I also watched Magic Mike at the beginning of the month. I saw it pass by on Netflix and since I watched Magic Mike XXL in the cinema but never watched the first one, I thought it was about time. I thought it was really nice but I actually liked the second one better than the first one – and that doesn’t happen often! I just found that the second one was more about the stripping itself and the cause they were doing it for and the first one it’s more just there as a job and the story is about something different and not very original imo

I read The boy in the striped pajamas this month (more on that later) and so I also watched the film a couple of days later. I definitely didn’t love the film as much as the book. I found it to be very fast paced whilst the book takes it’s time with everything. Obviously I get the restrains of a film as it’s only one and a half hours long but it just felt a little too rushed to me.

Now, the very last film, promise! I watched What If with Daniel Radcliffe! I remember when this came out that I wanted to watch it as, obviously, bae Daniel was in it. Again, it was a nice rom-com, a real feel good movie, perfect for when you’re feeling a little down, for a lazy Sunday afternoon or just when you feel like it.

I definitely feel like watching more rom-coms lately so please hit me up with your suggestions!

Everything I've been watching, reading and listening: August , movie and book reviews


As a result of watching so many movies I didn’t watch that many series, 2 in total actually. 

I started and finished watching The Alienist whilst in Spain. In the 19th century if you had a mental illness you were thought to be alienated from your own true nature, so the people that studied mental illnesses and people suffering from one were called alienists. This series is about an alienist who goes onto to try and solve a series of child murders. I find series and films set a few centuries ago really fascinating, especially watching the gap between the higher and lower classes and just how everything was so different then and how far we’ve come. If you enjoyed Sherlock, you will definitely enjoy this!

I’ve also finally finished watching 13 reasons why. I started watching it quite a while ago but didn’t feel like finishing it at the time. It’s definitely not a series to watch if you are struggling with severe mental health issues or have had an experience with sexual assault. But for people that maybe haven’t had such direct experiences I think it does do quite a good job in showcasing all the problems teenagers can go through and what we can do – but mostly what we definitely shouldn’t do – to help them.


I’ve also been watching something on YouTube that I thought was worthy of sharing with you all. Some of you probably already know but Shane Dawson made kind of a documentary series on his channel all about The secret world of Jeffree Star.

It’s a five part series which I found so interesting to watch! If you know him, or don’t know him, or like him or not, it’s either way a great watch.

Everything I've been watching, reading and listening: August , movie and book reviews



I’ve read four books this month. All 4 of which I absolutely LOVED. 

The first was a blogger book, Emma Gannon’s latest book The Multi-Hyphen Method. This was the first book for the Blog & Beyond book club on their facebook group. I very much enjoyed it although I do think there could’ve been a little bit more practical advice in there as it mainly talks about the fact that a multi-hyphenate life is possible but not how to achieve it. Although it did still give me a lot of motivation (as blogger books usually do)

I finally got round to reading Call me by your name by Andre Aciman. The film was so highly praised I couldn’t wait to first read the book and see what I think. My verdict: it’s amazing. I love it. It took me a little bit to get into at the beginning but the story (and the romance) soon develops and you’re just taken through a whirlwind of emotions. Now onto watch the film!

I also read The boy in the striped pyjamas. I definitely loved the book more than the movie, it’s utterly heartbreaking but such an easy read at the same time. Told from the eyes of an innocent little boy which makes it even sadder.

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine has also been a book that has completely broken the internet, so I thought it was about time I picked it up myself, and I am glad I did! I loved this book from start to finish. I don’t know if anyone else has also experienced this but I was actually really annoyed at Eleanor at the beginning, I didn’t like her character at all, but that soon changed when the story progressed. Definitely one to pick up and read yourself if you haven’t already.

Online articles and blog posts

Everything I've been watching, reading and listening: August , movie and book reviews
Everything I've been watching, reading and listening: August , movie and book reviews



I have been listening to two podcasts more than any other this month. These are The High Low and Guys We Fucked. 

The High Low is an amazing podcast hosted by the journalists Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes where everything is discussed, from the high to the low. I love everything they talk about, they are basically providing me with the news – even though I’m catching up from the beginning and am currently listening to episodes from autumn 2017. I love their discussions and how they don’t always agree with each other and that’s fine. Plus I love their sense of humour!

The other one, Guys we Fucked, I’d heard of because of Dolly mentioning it on the High Low podcast. If you don’t like sex talk then you might want to look away now because the podcast is essentially about two women inviting men on the podcast whom they have slept with and talking about sex with them. They call it the anti-slut shaming podcast which I totally agree with as they are opening up a discussion about sex which doesn’t have to be ‘disgusting’ or ‘nasty’.

That was a long one! Congrats if you stayed till the end! September will probably be a little busier so next months post will probably be a little shorter!

What have you been watching, reading and listening?

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