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The exchange diaries: fresher’s week

So I have arrived! Last week I put up a diary style post all about the pre-departure before the exchange and jetting off to the University of Hull. Now I’m here, fresher’s week has just passed, it was hectic but loads of fun, and classes are starting again today – even though I am still in total holiday mood!

So I thought I would talk a little bit about fresher’s week, since it’s been quite busy. I am definitely not going to do these diary posts every week, but for now I thought it was apt. 

The exchange diaries: fresher's week

So I arrived on Friday morning at Manchester Airport and we got picked up by the University and brought to our student housing by bus. I truly didn’t know what to expect, I guess I was thinking of the student housing you always see in American movies and series (except for the part where you have to share a room with someone) but it turned out to be a giant piece of land with lots of different buildings on it where there are probably thousands of students.

Plus there’s a bar, kantine, gym, laundry, sports fields, a reception area. There’s literally everything and it’s a 15 to 20 minute bus ride to the university campus, which I don’t find too bad!

Now, onto what I’ve been doing. 

The exchange diaries: fresher's week

We started the weekend off Friday night with a human bingo game and karaoke. Human bingo basically consists of you getting a sheet of paper with things written on it such as “owns a dog” or “favourite colour is blue” and then you have to find someone that that applies to. 

Saturday there was a study abroad briefing, explaining all the practical things and in the evening there was a film night where we watched Guardians of the Galaxy, which is such an amazing film! 

On Sunday there was nothing planned but me and a group of friends decided to take the bus to the Hull city centre and wonder around and explore a little bit. I love that we are by the water and there’s a harbour there! Even though the water is disgusting, although someone said it was beautiful because it looks like the river in Willy Wonka’s factory!

Last week I wrote about how as introverts some people might think that we’re missing out, since I don’t like going to parties and I re-charge by being alone. I definitely needed my alone time this week because there’s been so many activities going on organised by the student union but as I said in that post, I definitely didn’t miss out on anything!

The activities that stood out were the Speed friending – where I made a really nice friend, so I guess it worked! A trip to Beverley, which is such a cute little town near Hull. You’ve got it covered in a couple of hours! Thursday I had a zumba lesson which I absolutely loved! I’d never tried zumba before but I really enjoyed it! And despite me saying I don’t like clubs, I went to one on Friday. Yup, me, surprised? We went to a house party and then all just went through to the club as well and I decided to hop along. The house party was actually quite fun, the club… not so much. My opinion was again reinforced, but it was nice to have experienced it once at least.

The exchange diaries: fresher's week

I will also definitely be joining a few societies this semester! There is a feminist society which I found really nice, and when this is published I will be in their first meeting! Also a book society, I’ve always wanted to join an in real life book club and this could be the perfect starter! Also a photography society, I’m always up to learning new photography skills! Plus there’s a Harry Potter society which I just found so cool and definitely not something I would want to miss out on. So this Friday I’m going to get sorted into my house! There’s quite a few, I might not stay in all of them or go to all their meetings, but their all pretty lax about it which is good!

Apart from all the activities I’ve been enjoying my last week of freedom before classes start this week and I will have to get my ass back into gear again because it seems I have picked all the subjects with the longest lectures ever. I have picked three film classes and I think there are going to be film screenings in each one (because the classes are 4 to 5 hours). At least I will always have enough to talk about in my monthly round up of what I’ve been reading, watching and listening to.

So that was fresher’s week! A week full of activities but also full of watching suits (always make time for suits). I will update you again soon, in the meantime, have a wonder around my blog for other posts you might like!

Have you ever studied abroad? I would love to hear about it!

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