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What I’ve been watching, reading and listening: September

September was my birthday month! The 29th of September was the day I turned 21 and the day that I was officially crowned as an adult in the whole world (right?). I say officially, because in reality I still feel 17 and sometimes I wish I could go back to that time with no responsibilities even though I wouldn’t change my life right now for the world.

I haven’t really been reading much this month – mostly because my social life has been a lot more existent than… well ever before so I just haven’t had the time. I have watched a few movies, because with a social life also comes the days after laying in bed not wanting to get up and the only remedy for that is a nice easy movie. I’ve also actually got some music that I’ve been listening to this month, and not just podcasts, so if you felt like you were missing that, here I am to provide!

What I've been watching, reading and listening in september
What I've been watching, reading and listening in september



Looking through my Letterboxd account right now it seems that I have watched 3 different movies on the 2nd of September. P.s. I love you being the first one, which I didn’t actually finish because I wasn’t really enjoying it that much. So I proceeded to watch Awakenings, which of course I did finish because that is one truly amazing movie. Robin Williams plays a doctor who discovers the beneficial effects of a specific drug for catatonic patients. It’s based on true events and the acting, specifically also by Robert De Niro who plays one of the patients, is truly amazing.

The third film I watched was Set it up, it’s a very light and easy watch, perfect for a hangover day – which I just realised is why I watched all these three movies in one day.

I saw two movies in the cinema this month, the first was Blackkklansman which is a movie based on a true story of a black police officer invading the KKK (sounds a bit like an oxymoron that). No need to say that these movies are definitely very much needed to keep the conversation about racism going and to keep fighting hard for basic human rights for everyone. It was produced by Stan Lee, he got quite a bit of criticism for connecting the story with events that have happened very recently at the end of the movie. Linking what has happened then in the early 1970s to what is happening now under Trump. But I think it was a good move to showcase that even though we have come far, we definitely haven’t come far enough yet. 

The other movie I saw in the cinema was Christopher Robin. To be completely honest, it wasn’t as good as I was expecting nor was the trailer telling what the story was truly going to be – even though the trailer itself was incredible. The trailer gave the impression that it was going to be mainly set in London, but it was mainly played out in the 100 achre woods, basically like a real old Winnie the Pooh story but which was in my opinion not incredibly original.

Just two more films to talk about, the first one is Lion which is one of my favourite films ever made and also based on a true story (seems to be a theme this month). If you haven’t heard about or seen Lion by now you have to get on it, you will not regret it. Lastly I saw Sierra Burgess is a loser. Definitely not as good as the other high school films I saw last month and she definitely definitely didn’t deserve the ending she got. 


I have been watching just one series this whole month. I have been very clearly binge-watching it religiously as a friend of mine very truly pointed out that one week I was on the third season and the next I was almost done with the fifth, even though hadn’t even realised this. I have been watching Suits. I was looking for a new series to watch and I was really curious about seeing Meghan Markle as an actress so I decided to push this one up on the list of series to watch. Let me tell you I am loving it! – clearly if I seem to go through the seasons quicker than you can say Pearson Specter Litt. I just have one more season to go and then it’s time to start something new (aka please leave your suggestions below!)


Something different this month. I read an article with best Tedx talks to watch and I saw the author of one of my favourite non-fiction books on that list. Susan Cain has written Quite: the power of introverts which resonated with me so much when I read it that I even wrote a blog post on the top of it. Because of this book I finally understood the whole concept of introvertism and how it’s perceived in society. The tedx talk I would say is kind of like a mini mini version of the book but still amazing to listen to even if you’ve read it!

What I've been watching, reading and listening in september



As I’ve said, I’ve only managed to finish reading two books this month. One fiction and one non-fiction for The blog and beyond book club. The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins was the first one, which was a very highly anticipated read for me as it’s quite a popular book and I’ve heard so many good things about it. And let me tell you, I definitely agree with everything good they’ve been saying. I stayed up way past my bed time several nights because it was too tense to put it down, and towards the end I wanted to read it every chance I got as I just had to know what was going to happen next. Safe to say I definitely recommend it, next up is to watch the film and read the author’s next book Into the water.

The non-fiction book I read was Playing big by Tara Mohr. In the beginning I was finding it quite difficult to get into, I guess because the things she was talking about didn’t really resonate with me because I thought that it didn’t apply to me (yet). But as the book went on there were definitely topics that I recognised in my life which she explained so amazingly well and gave such good tips as to how to combat those certain areas all to be able to play bigger in whatever way you want

Online articles and blog posts

What I've been watching, reading and listening in september



I’ve actually not had that much time to listen to a lot of podcast episodes, which is surprising seeing as I have to take the bus everyday to uni which is about 15 to 20 minutes each way. But since I’m meeting so many people here there is normally always someone in the bus that I know, not that I’m in any way complaining as I absolutely love it! 

But I have still managed to listen to a few episodes and they have mostly been from the podcasts This north works and Readers gonna read. This north works is a podcast and a business started by Sophie Cliff, she was sick of everyone always expecting that you had to live in the south of England to “make it” career wise. She wanted to get rid of the stigma that you can’t be ambitious and live up north. Part of the business was to also produce this podcast interviewing people who have been successful living in the north! I find it so interesting, especially since I am living up north now too and I can’t wait what else she’s gonna do with the business!

The second, readers gonna read, is a podcast all about books! Now that is truly two of my favourite things combined! I actually discovered this podcast because the first episode was with Sophie Cliff! It’s basically a podcast where the interviewer, Amy Elizabeth, and the guest of the week talk about a lot of different books, from their favourite to a very hyped book they don’t like to specific genres. Basically you will finish listening to it with a TBR list that has just gone from the size of your arm to the size of your whole body x5


In terms of music I have been listening to an Italian singer a lot at the end of the month! I found her through an Italian friend I made here who absolutely loves music – funnily enough though, he doesn’t actually like her, but I do. The artist is called Francesca Michielin, and her voice and music is just beautiful and calm, but I’m not really good at describing music so I recommend you just give her a listen. My favourite songs are Bolivia and Nessun grado di separazione. She makes me wish that I spoke Italian, but then again every time I hear another language I wish I could speak every language in the world.

What have you been watching, reading and listening this month?

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