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Ribbed white cardigan
Pride t-shirt
Black vest
black oversized sunglasses
Grey cami
Jeepers Peepers sunglasses
Eye tee
White heels
Black cigarette trousers
Selectively social tee
Floral embroided tee
Rainbow t-shirt
Vest top
Creme coat
Grey trainers
Chunky brogue
Simple rose gold ring
Khaki trousers
Embroided jeans
Polka dot blazer
Check trousers
Bananas jumper
V-neck jumper
Jersey peg trousers
Lace body suit
Circle necklace

Travelling or experiencing different cultures?

A long while ago, I think it was last year somewhere, I wrote a post which I named ‘It’s okay not to want to travel’. I wrote this post because everywhere around me people were travelling to the most exotic places, visiting cities I can’t even pronounce the name of and experiencing the most amazing things whilst I was sitting in my room being particularly happy with where I was at that moment, having no desire to travel at all but yet still getting a feeling like I was missing out and like I should want to travel, because what on earth could be better?

As you may well know I am currently on exchange in England and I’m taking the opportunity to travel around the country as much as possible – I know, contradictory right? But actually, this travelling around has made me realise something. Firstly, that I much rather prefer going on a relaxing holiday or going on a nature holiday, because walking through nature is so much more fascinating than walking through a city. But secondly, the way I like travelling is not by going on a city break and breaking your feet by walking 1000 miles per day without actually doing much except for looking at the ~ beautiful buildings ~. No, my favourite thing about travelling is to experience a different culture. So actually what I’m trying to say is that I don’t like travelling that much, I like migrating. 

And by migrating I mean living in a different country for at least a few months to truly be able to experience the different culture, the people there, the events… Experiencing a country/city like a local, not like a tourist. 

With a different culture come a lot of different things. It doesn’t just stick to experiencing the different food – even though obviously that is also a big and delicious part of it! A different culture is everything from the different kinds of people, the mentality of the general population, their way of living, how they spend their days, what their general expertise is, the country’s or city’s collective favourite sport… There can be so much difference between two countries even if they’re bordering each other! 

Another thing that can differ between countries, something I found out recently, is the different names of the same brands! We as people use a lot of different brands (even if we don’t specifically go looking for them) and obviously we as bloggers work with different brands as well. So when data label – a label manufacturer – got in touch with me to talk about the research they had done on different brands, I was so astonished whilst looking at the list that I knew I had to share it! Data label has researched a lot of brands and made an infographic on the different names they use in different countries all over the world, including some information on why these are different.

As you probably know if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I’ve lived in Spain almost all my life (16 years!) but I’m originally from Holland, and right now I’m living and studying in England (feeling quite the globetrotter at the minute). So when I looked at the infographic I realised I had known and had been using the same brands in two or three of the countries I’ve lived in but never realising they were the same one!

My favourite example was the first one, the chips brand Lays, one of the most famous and probably one of the most used chips brands in Europe, and in England they’re called Walkers! And to think I was always sad that we didn’t have walkers in Holland! Although to be fair, I’m pretty sure Walkers has more flavours so I’m probably still going to keep complaining haha

Travelling or experiencing different cultures?

One brand I had noticed was the same but with different names was Ola, or Frigo in Spanish and Wall’s in English. I had noticed the logo, which is obviously very noteworthy, being used with a different name than Ola, which is what I was used to in Spain so obviously I drew conclusions from there. The same brand being called Wall’s in England is news for me though!

Last one I’ll mention in this post: one of my all time favourite snacks when I was a kid, a snack which I always wanted but never actually bought (I think they weren’t that available to me at the time) is Mikado! You know the long sticks with chocolate on which as a kid you would pretend you were smoking a cigar with? Yes those! They are actually called Pocky worldwide and are only called Mikado in Europe! Who would’ve thought?

I’ll leave the infographic at the end of the post if you want to have a read through some more! I’m always very fascinated with different cultures, one of the reasons why I’m enjoying my time on Erasmus so much, because I spend all day learning new things about different cultures, their habits, the way they run things… And now I have something else to ask and look for as well, which other brands are hiding behind a different name in another country? 

Did you know brands changed their names in different countries?

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